July 2017
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NY Post: Why Project’s ‘Beating Heart’ Lives On

In today’s New York Post, Julia Vitullo-Martin gives a good account about where things stand with Moynihan Station after MSG announced the plan to pull out of the project. She also provides an idea on how to move forward – starting work on the train hall in the Farley Post Office. It’s worth reading the whole article, but here are some highlights: “Note that tearing down the Garden is critical to the redevelopment and upgrading of the neighborhood – but it’s not central to reconstructing Farley, which is now just one component of the huge $14 billion project. Keep this distinction in mind as you hear of the Garden’s demands, which will likely grow in the coming weeks. Back in 1992, it was just one more audacious idea from the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Use the Farley building to give New Yorkers back the gorgeous Beaux Arts Penn Station that was demolished in 1964. Today, it’s a mega-real-estate deal.” And: “It’s reassuring to know that the Bloomberg administration is intent on driving Moynihan Station forward. In the meantime, though, why not take Pataki’s advice – and start the work on Farley? “The rebuilding of Farley can give New Yorkers back their transcendent portal. While the state works out a new deal with the Garden, it’s well worth starting on the project’s symbolic heart.” Read “TO SAVE MOYNIHAN STATION. WHY PROJECT’S ‘BEATING HEART’ LIVES ON,” from The New York Post