Our Work

A Livable Neighborhoods Program planning session with residents of the Bedford Park neighborhood in the Bronx.

MAS’ Director of Engagement Joanna Crispe (in black) at a Livable Neighborhoods Program planning session with residents of the Bedford Park neighborhood in the Bronx.

Since 1893, The Municipal Art Society of New York has been dedicated to safeguarding the city’s past while advancing the best ideas for tomorrow. Leveraging our network of urban planners, architects, elected officials, activists, and developers, MAS has helped shape the future of New York for over 120 years.

Current Projects

Accidental Skyline

Slender, hyper tall buildings are a result of a hot real estate market driven by high demand for luxury condos. For the most part, these buildings use development rights from adjacent buildings and are being built largely as-of-right without public or environmental review. When completed, they will cast new shadows and change city views. Learn more about our Accidental Skyline project

421-a – Tax Exemption

In the pursuit to build affordable housing, New York City has forfeited more than $1.1 billion in tax revenue in 2014 alone through the 421-a program, 60% of which subsidized buildings in Manhattan. MAS is mappping the process. Learn more about our 421-a project

Greenacre Reference Library and MAS Archives

Are you seeking information about our city and its complex ecology of culture, nature and the built environment? The Greenacre Reference Library, MAS’ research library, is located within MAS’s offices at 488 Madison Avenue, Suite 1900, New York, NY and is open to the public by appointment during office hours Monday through Friday. Learn more about The Greenacre Reference Library.

Livable Neighborhoods Program

Through workshops and other forms of engagement, our Livable Neighborhoods Program (LNP) helps communities build capacity to understand and influence land-use planning, becoming stronger advocates for their neighborhoods. Learn more about LNP

Penn 2023

Penn Station was built to accommodate 200,000 passengers per day. It is now handling nearly 600,000, making the station overcrowded and increasingly unsafe. Working with an alliance of like-minded groups, MAS is advocating for a new Penn Station. Learn more about our Penn 2023 project

Public Assets: City-Owned and Leased Properties (COLP)

The City of New York manages over 14,000 properties covering approximately 43,000 acres across the five boroughs. But, city-owned and leased properties are underutilized. Twenty-two percent of city-owned and leased properties are classified as having no current use. Learn more about our COLP project

Preservation and Sustainability

April 19, 2015 marks the 50th Anniversary of New York City’s groundbreaking Landmarks Law. The Municipal Art Society of New York’s Preservation Committee is comprised of preservation experts and continues to advocate for preserving New York City landmarks. Learn more about our Preservation and Sustainability work