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The Accidental Skyline (Report)  

The Accidental Skyline Report

Highlights the issues and frameworks allowing super-tall buildings. Shadow studies show potential impacts on Central Park. Read »»


Open Map Data

Data sets used to create the interactive maps. Please read the important release notes (PDF) first. Download (189 MB) »»


Images & Press Kits


“Corrected” Supertall Ads

From the marketing materials of these new supertall skyscrapers, one might assume that they’re singular entities, with sweeping views unobstructed by their competition. Here, we’ve “corrected” those ads. View »»

Dec 2015 Press Package  

December 2015 Press Kit

A map identifying eight neighborhoods where new supertalls can still be built, a series of “corrected” supertall advertisements from the last year, and an update to MAS’s December 2013 Central Park renderings. Download (64MB) »»