COLP: Report and Methodology


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As residents and taxpayers of New York City, we depend on the effective management, protection, and enhancement of what is collectively ours—parks, open space, libraries, museums, streetscapes, infrastructure, views, and other intangible resources.

In an effort to facilitate informed civic engagement, decision-making, and planning regarding New York City’s public land, The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) presents Public Assets: City-Owned and Leased Properties (Public Assets), a report and accompanying online tool on the MAS website ( This report and online tool highlight key data integrated into 15 interactive maps concerning public property including typology, agency jurisdiction, zoning regulations, environmental conditions, municipal infrastructure, historic landmarks, population, income, and neighborhood rezoning plans applicable to these sites.

The City of New York manages over 14,000 properties covering approximately 43,000 acres across the five boroughs. Collectively, these properties encompass an area comparable to the size of Brooklyn. Given the extent of these public holdings, the information included in this report and the online tool is designed to provide decision makers, planning practitioners, and the public with the necessary means to identify opportunities for improving, protecting, and utilizing city-owned and leased property. Ultimately, these resources can help realize the maximum public benefit and full equitable potential of these properties.

The Public Assets report and online tool are the first steps toward what MAS envisions as an ongoing, collaborative process that will improve stewardship of our public assets and contribute to a healthier, more dynamic, and inclusive New York City.


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This section describes the steps, geoprocessing tools, software, and data sources utilized for the creation of an online mapping tool and quantitative analysis for Public Assets: City-Owned and Leased Properties. This work was conducted by the Municipal Art Society of New York from March to November of 2016.

MapPLUTO™ contains more than seventy fields derived from data maintained by City agencies and is one of the most complete datasets for land use in the city. The COLP dataset compiles information for over 14,000 city-owned parcels. The dataset specifies approximately 2,000 individual types of use and identifies properties that are currently leased and those that are committed for sale or long-term leases.

You can download ESRI shapefiles and spreadsheets from our Carto profile.