Penn 2023: Madison Square Garden


Unlocking West Midtown’s Potential

Building a new Madison Square Garden would allow Penn Station to expand and unlock the potential of West Midtown

Unearthing Madison Square Garden and all of its support columns and utilities would allow for a complete overhaul of Penn Station, providing an opportunity to build a new city landmark. Likewise, a new Garden could be designed as an ultra-modern entertainment complex that has lower production costs, attracts even more events and visitors, and supports and catalyzes the future development of West Midtown.

Where Should the Garden Go?

The Morgan Post Office site is the best place to build a new Madison Square Garden. The Morgan site, located between 9th and 10th avenues and 28th and 30th streets, is both large enough to accommodate a new state-of-the-art arena and a quick, three- to seven-minute walk from Penn Station. Relocating the Garden to this site will provide the city with a new arena and allow for the reconstruction and expansion of Penn Station, each of which can be designed to vastly improve the conditions of the district.