Penn 2023: Penn District

Penn District

What About the District?

Future development must build upon existing cultural and historic resources in West Midtown.

As part of the research by the Penn 2023 working group, Grimshaw Architects, in partnership with culture and placemaking consultancy Futurecity, conducted a cultural resource survey of West Midtown. The process involved a block-by-block survey of West Midtown, taking note of its many cultural assets.

The survey findings were mapped, showing a surprising mosaic of cultural resources and creative industries within close proximity to Penn Station. These resources range from small but important private, behind the scenes arts and design organizations, to semi-public event spaces and the largest public venues in the city. As development proceeds, holistic planning should ensure that:

  • A new arena is well integrated with the existing urban fabric
  • Area residents and stakeholders are actively involved in the planning process
  • Open space connections are improved
  • There is transparency in air rights transfers
  • Important historic resources are preserved