November 2017
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Preservation Lobby Day Crowd Urges the City to Support the LPC

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Last Wednesday’s Preservation Lobby Day, which took place on the steps of City Hall, drew the largest crowd in the annual event’s three year history.  Over a hundred people from all five boroughs rallied to urge the City Council and the Mayor to support the Landmarks Preservation Commission and to endorse the Citywide Preservation Platform.  Joining preservationists and neighborhood advocates on the steps were several Council Members, including Jessica Lappin, Bill DeBlasio, and Tony Avella, as well as a representative from Alan Gerson’s office.

In the past, Preservation Lobby Days have helped to increase the budget of the Landmarks Preservation Commission and allow the agency to establish a survey department.  As a result, in recent years, the LPC has dramatically increased its survey and designation work.

This year, recognizing the tough economic climate, MAS and other preservationists are urging that the LPC’s budget be maintained for the 2010 fiscal year.  The LPC’s budget is so tiny compared to overall city expenditures that any cut in the agency’s funding would have a disproportionately large effect on the work and efficiency of this important agency.

An investment in the LPC means investing in neighborhoods at a time when they need it most.  MAS President Vin Cipolla noted, “The preservation of our historic neighborhoods has traditionally been a stabilizing factore when communities have faced touch economic times. Maintaining the LPC’s budget for FY 2010 is critical in order to ensure the agency can continue its important work in preserving our neighborhoods.”