November 2017
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See Something, Say Something: 1375 Broadway

Jack Lubin Mural located in the lobby of 1375 Broadway

A few weeks ago, a concerned New Yorker named David Kronfeld wrote to MAS to ask about the fate of the mid-century mosaics in the lobby of 1375 Broadway, a 1928 building being renovated by new owners in the Garment District.  Mr. Kronfeld was worried that the 1962 murals by New York artist Jack Lubin were in the midst of being destroyed. In vibrantly colored tiles, the murals, dating from 1962, depict the history of the textile industry from ancient times to mid-twentieth century factories and chemical processes.

MAS jumped to action because of our interest on two fronts:  our current investigation of the future of the Garment District, and our Adopt-A-Programs which have helped to restore and maintain almost 50 monuments and murals since 1987.  We reached out to the new owner, Savanna, to see if we could help them figure out a way to retain the murals in their reconfigured lobby.

Our staff examined the remaining of two murals—one has already been covered with drywall—with an art conservator who said that it appeared to be in good condition.  Despite that, the developer does not appear to be interested in keeping the mural.

Although keeping the mural in place would be the most appropriate solution, MAS has offered to work with Savanna to facilitate the artwork’s relocation and preservation.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress; in the meantime, we thank David Kronfeld for his vigilance!

You can read more about the mural in last week’s City Room article or check out this story, featuring MAS, from NY1.