November 2017
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Summer at MAS: Meet the Interns

For MAS, the summer of 2012 has become the Summer of the Intern. From June to August, eight college and graduate school students interned at MAS, lending a hand to specific arts and culture, development, preservation and planning projects.

Joining MAS’s Planning Department were Cortez Crosby and Nika Taubinsky—students of the Yale School of Architecture—who focused on East Midtown. They considered the urban design issues in the area, as well as the implications of the City’s proposal to increase density around Grand Central.

Edith Bellinghausen, a recent graduate of the Pratt Institute’s Historic Preservation M.S. program, spent the past months surveying and researching historic resources of East Midtown, to help establish a preservation framework for the area.

Lauren Durling, a student at NYU, helped MAS’s Development team by conducting research on foundations and learning database management skills, positioning Lauren well for her planned career in Development.

As part of MAS’s effort to explore the challenges and opportunities of Brownsville, Brooklyn, Isabel Aguirre, currently studying Urban Planning at the Pratt Institute, researched and analyzed the neighborhood. Isabel expressed a genuine appreciation for her time with MAS, saying, “I am a firm believer in the influence of the urban realm in the prosperity of societies. Connecting people to their cities and other people has become my greatest and deepest interest. I am forever grateful for being able to put that into practice at MAS.”

This summer Yelena Zolotorevskaya, who holds a degree in City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design, focused her time on Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS). Brought to MAS by a Bonnie Sellers Fellowship, Yelena is returning to the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design this fall to study Landscape Architecture.

Kimberly Rubin, a Barnard College graduate with a degree in Urban Studies, gathered information for numerous arts projects, and put together a report on New York City’s top 100 cultural organizations, to be published this fall. Also joining the MAS team from Barnard College was Raquel Babb, a Political Science major, who started at MAS in March by helping out on Jane’s Walk NYC. Raquel continued at MAS this summer, planning and promoting MAS’s public and private tours. Regarding her experience, Raquel wrote, “From our office potluck lunches hosted by an eclectic mix of expert speakers to co-workers who were so intelligent and engaged, I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming or exciting summer experience.”