November 2017
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Tell the MTA: We Need the Move NY Plan and a New Penn Station

This is a trying time for our region’s transportation. Growing ridership, aging infrastructure, and climate change (seen with Superstorm Sandy’s immense devastation to our subways and tunnels) mean that we can’t continue with business as usual, with not near enough resources to maintain our current system, let alone one that New York needs for its future.

But with these obstacles, we also have opportunities. The MTA Transportation Reinvention Commission was recently formed to address these challenges. With 24 experts in transportation, planning, financing, business, real estate and more, the Commission has the leadership to call for new investment and new ways in thinking about how we move New York City.

What’s more: they’re looking for your help. They’ve opened the call up to the public to provide input. They’re asking: How do we move forward with transportation in New York?

Let’s tell them. We need to adopt the Move NY Plan – the most rational way to raise new revenue. With a $12 billion deficit, the MTA can’t afford to maintain the infrastructure it has, let alone build for our future. Fair tolling is the best way to fix this.

Also, critically, the MTA needs to work with other transit agencies and stakeholders to take action towards a New Penn Station. The current station is overcrowded, unsafe, and unattractive, and its limitations impede future growth in transit service in the city and region. Planning for a new station in tandem with Amtrak’s Gateway Project will ensure that the New York region can meet anticipated future travel demand while creating the city’s next great civic space.

We told the MTA what needs to happen (read our testimony here PDF). Now it’s your turn.

Tell the MTA: we need a fair tolling plan and a new Penn Station.