August 2017
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The Christmas House – Holiday Cheer Extravaganza, A Place that Matters

bronx christmas garabedian family houseThough City residents often groan about the early onset of Christmas brought to New York by retailers who begin piping Christmas music as soon as Thanksgiving approaches, there is one spot in the Bronx where the holidays are heralded every year with a unique and widely anticipated display. For three decades, the Garabedian family has decorated their home and yard at 1605 Pelham Parkway North with a handcrafted holiday extravaganza that includes more than 50,000 small lights, religious figures, ballroom dancers, Victorian-era characters, and pop-culture icons. The family, which runs a dressmaking business, crafts the dolls, their costumes, and the stages and props all by hand, only the lights and Christmas tree are bought in a store. Powered by 37,000 volts, the Christmas House can be seen from blocks away and is a yearly attraction for Bronx residents and others who come to enjoy home-spun Holiday cheer. To read more about The Christmas House, including how it raises money for charity, click here to visit the Census of Place that Matter. Or click here to add your thoughts to the Census about why The Christmas House is a Place that Matters. Browse the rest of the Census — or add your own Place That Matters — here.