December 2017
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The Community Information Technology Initiative (CITI) – A Tool for Local Planning

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The Community Information Technology Initiative (CITI) is a project of the MAS Planning Center. The goal of CITI is to provide community-based organizations with maps, data and technical assistance to support local planning efforts.

CITI began as a demonstration of the utility of publicly accessible GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data as a tool for community participation in local planning. The CITI website began as a planning-focused online tool building on the existing framework of, which provides a wealth of information on open space and more.

A partnership between the MAS Planning Center and New York City gives users of the city government’s website direct access to the interactive maps and data featured on the Planning Center’s CITI website. Check related articles at right for more details.

Community and Youth Training Program The Planning Center conducts regular training sessions for Community Board members, community planning organizations, elected officials and others to become proficient at creating CITI maps and understanding the data used.

Teaching staff and high school students at the Bushwick Academy of Urban Planning are being trained to create and share maps using the CITI website. Students will now have the opportunity to intern at their local community board office as “Map Technicians” providing live interactive maps at board and committee meetings.