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May 2017
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This Week’s Highlights: October 1

sailship boat river new yorkEach week we will bring you news on issues related to New York City’s livability. Feel free to comment or post a link to other interesting articles about our city. After an extensive public planning process, The Department of City Planning (DCP) has released the first draft of Vision 2020, the new citywide waterfront plan, on Wednesday. The DCP will give a presentation on this plan at a public meeting on October 12th, at which they are also seeking public input. The meeting will take place at the Rosenthal Pavilion at NYU Kimmel Center for University Life, and you can find more information, including the address and directions, on the DCP website (Curbed). The Department of City Planning is also making waves in other parts of the city. The Real Deal Online writes that the DCP “kicked off an official public review of an 80-block proposed rezoning” in the Bronx, and the Downtown Express reports that they voted unanimously “in favor of the rezoning of approximately 25 blocks of North Tribeca.” Busy, busy! This month’s issue of Metropolis Magazine has a Q & A with Liz Dunn, head of The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Green Lab, whose mission is to “work with cities to develop new policies that leverage the value of the existing building stock” while developing strategies to achieve cities’ overall sustainability and climate action goals. The Architect’s Newspaper reports this week on the Bloomberg administration’s new brownfield clean-up program, the first of its kind in the state, which will attempt to turn the more than 1,000 contaminated sites around the city into potential areas of new development. Citizens, advocacy groups, and public officials discuss the problems of the East Side bike path in a Daily News article this week. “You can’t get around the East Side on a bike,” said one concerned citizen. “The West Side is really nice. This is pretty sketchy.”
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