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April 2017
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This Week’s Highlights: December 17

Queensboro Bridge - Photo by Nadia ChaudhuryEach week we will bring you news on issues related to New York City’s livability. Feel free to comment or post a link to other interesting articles about our city. The Queensboro Bridge and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel will be renamed in honor of former New York government officials – the first after former Mayor Edward Koch and the second after former Governor Hugh Carey. The New York Times takes a look at what the two infrastructures represent in relation to their new namesakes. If you suspected that there were possible benefits to living in a walkable neighborhood, you’re right! A study conducted by the University of New Hampshire showed that the walkability of a neighborhood boosts the quality of life of its residents and “increases social capital – a measure of networks, connections, and community involvement.” The New York Times looks at the varied architectural styling of the row houses on 71st Street in the Upper West Side, noting the dissimilarities on this “free-range block” as one climbs the steep hill from West End Avenue and descends to Broadway. The debate over New York’s bicycle lanes continues in a recent Observer article, which centers on City Council Member Lew Fidler. Fidler supports bike lanes, but doesn’t see the need for an entirely connected, citywide web. Others do. What do you think? Joe Salvo, the city’s chief demographer, described the diversity found in Brooklyn and Queens in a recent New York Magazine article. As he shared his findings, Salvo was full of the same energy (“New York had better hit 8.4 million, or I don’t know what I’m going to do!”) that made his presentation on New York’s changing demographics a highlight of our October Summit.
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