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April 2017
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This Week’s Highlights: November 12

Bank of Coney IslandEach week we will bring you news on issues related to New York City’s livability. Feel free to comment or post a link to other interesting articles about our city. Amusing The Zillion reports that the Department of Buildings has issued a “Full Stop Work Order” at the Bank of Coney Island building, which was slated for demolition along with Henderson Music Hall earlier this year. Scouting New York has a great photographic series of what the inside of the bank building currently looks like. In other Coney Island news, Gothamist reports that 8 of the 9 family-owned businesses facing eviction from the Boardwalk are now suing to keep their businesses open. The New York Times discusses the new energy efficient LED lights which were installed into the Paul Cesar Helleu mural in the concourse of Grand Central Terminal. “There is one spot…where anyone can enjoy an unclouded view of the zodiac: the magisterial ceiling of Grand Central Terminal.” Gothamist recently wrote about the Golden Age of Jazz in New York, complete with photographs from The Library of Congress. Now they’ve followed up with a great video from about the cultural importance of 133rd Street in Harlem. The NYC Department Of Transportation “has announced a two-year pilot program that would allow ‘pop-up cafés’ in the curbside spots near restaurants where the sidewalk is too narrow for conventional outdoor seating,” reports Grist.