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This Week’s Highlights: September 24, 2010

penn stationEach week we will bring you news on issues related to New York City’s livability. Feel free to comment or post a link to other interesting articles about our city.Daniel Patrick Moynihan, adviser to three presidents, a four-term United States Senator from New York and a prolific author, posthumously reveals his insights into personalities and public policy in thousands of pages of intimate and candid correspondence” to be release this month, writes the New York Times. The New York Post reports that Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz wants to turn Floyd Bennett Field, the borough’s largest open space and one of the nation’s lowest ranked federal parks, into the next ”hot spot” park in the city. As downtown cultural groups struggle to stay afloat, The Lower Manhattan Development Council is set to release $200 million in grants for affordable housing, education, infrastructure, and quality of life, among others. Downtown Express reports that this action is contested by Con Edison, as well as other local utility companies, who claim they are still owed reimbursement for post-9/11 repair work. The Observer writes that “since he launched The Atlantic Yards Report in 2006, Norman Oder has written 3,747 blog posts on the contentious Brooklyn development project.” That’s exactly why he has decided to quit his day job to write the definitive Atlantic Yards book. On the same note, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports on a bill introduced to the state legislature to create a dedicated oversight body for the largest development in Brooklyn history, the Atlantic Yards project. Finally, the New York Daily News reports on the recent success of small farms in Brooklyn. “People don’t have enough access to healthy food,” said City Health Department Assistant Commissioner Aletha Maybank, M.D. “These farms are helping to change that.”