January 2018
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Two 9/11 Memorials, Places that Matter

In remembrance, our places that matter of the week are two September 11th memorials: “Postcards” in St. George, Staten Island, nominated by Laura Jean Watters, and the “Tribute in Light” in Lower Manhattan.

“Postcards” is the name of architect Masayuki Sono’s memorial tribute to Staten Islanders lost in the attacks. Sono gave his two outsized postcards “origami-like inward folds (as if to keep a personal message private).” On the sculpture’s inner walls, small granite “commemorative stamps” facing the harbor bear the names of those who died. Postcards suggested themselves to Sono as an evocative symbol when he realized that the utilitarian object he used as a modeling material was also a common vehicle for sending “messages of love and remembrance.” Chosen from nearly 200 submissions, the memorial created from his design was installed on the North Shore Waterfront Esplanade, adjacent to the ferry terminal, on the anniversary of the attack in 2004.

On March 11, 2002, six months after the attacks on the World Trade Center, two great beams of light rose from Lower Manhattan and filled the night sky. The Tribute in Light honors those who were lost on September 11, as well as those who worked so hard to get our city through that terrible trial. The idea for the lights was independently conceived by several artists and designers, who were brought together under the auspices of the Municipal Art Society and Creative Time. The Tribute in Light is now produced annually by the MAS on the September 11th anniversary. It was designed by John Bennett, Gustavo Bonevardi, Richard Nash Gould, Julian Laverdiere, Paul Myoda, and lighting designer Paul Marantz. Tribute in Light is made possible by a grant from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

Watch for Tribute in Light at dusk on 9/11/07.