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Visit the Newly Restored Evangeline Blashfield Fountain at Bridgemarket

evangeline blashfield mural

Long hidden from public view, the newly restored Evangeline Blashfield Memorial Fountain was rededicated on June 3 in a ceremony that also presented the first Evangeline Blashfield Award to the Honorable Patricia E. Harris, Deputy Mayor for Administration.

The Evangeline Blashfield Fountain was given by the Municipal Art Society to the City for the Queensboro Bridge Market in 1919. Commissioned by Evangeline Blashfield, the fountain’s design includes a mosaic of brilliant colored glass, depicting the allegorical figure of “Abundance,” designed by Edwin H. Blashfield. After decades of neglect and an earlier unsuccessful conservation effort, the mosaic became fragile and was in desperate need of proper restoration. Florence D’Urso provided a generous grant to the Society’s Adopt-A-Mural program for Wilson Conservators to restore the Blashfield fountain, now on display once more in Bridgemarket Plaza.

The Evangeline Blashfield Award is named after a founding member of the Society and champion of public art and civic amenities at the turn of the century. This award is to be presented annually to an individual in mid-career who has demonstrated Evangeline Blashfield’s ideals and spirit through his or her civic activism. The first award will be given to Patricia E. Harris. As Executive Director of the Art Commission (1983-1990), she helped facilitate the restoration of the fountain, along with countless other public art treasures through the Adopt-A-Monument and Mural programs, carrying the spirit and history of Evangeline Blashfield into the 21st Century.

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