June 2017
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Walk the Entire Length of Broadway on a Jane’s Walk with MAS & Mary Miss

manhattan-new-york-aerial-mediumMAS, artist Mary Miss and her organization City as Living Laboratory (CaLL) will be hosting a Jane’s Walk down the ENTIRE length of Broadway, from 240 Street to Bowling Green, on Sunday, May 6th. The walk will start uptown at 8AM and end at the lower tip of Manhattan around 8PM. We hope you’ll join us for the half-marathon walk—or even just a portion of it—as we seek to re-imagine this historic corridor through varied perspectives on its past, present and future. A whole host of interesting professionals, ranging from local artists and environmental scientists to activists and historians and even MAS President Vin Cipolla, will be lending their expertise as guides, serving as “eyes on the street.” The schedule of the sections of the daylong walk follows, we hope to see you there or on another Jane’s Walk! MAS is pleased to coordinate Jane’s Walk in New York City, a weekend of free neighborhood walks hosted and guided by local residents, urban enthusiasts and others who care deeply about their neighborhoods and cities.

Jane’s Walk NYC – The BROADWAY: 1000 Steps Baton May 6th, 2012

240th Street to 190th 8AM – 10AM: BRONX GATEWAY THRU INWOOD TO MANHATTAN Meeting Place: The intersection of Broadway and Van Cortlandt Park South (240th St.) Artist and Founder of City as Living Laboratory, Mary Miss, will inaugurate the event by addressing the significance of Broadway, as Manhattan’s historic and ever-evolving corridor. Bronx-born artist, Daniel Hauben, will discuss his impressions of the borough, past and present, which serve as the subject of his acclaimed ‘landscape’ paintings, while Inwood resident and enthusiast, Don Rice, will enrich this stretch of the walk with interesting historical anecdotes of Inwood’s enchanting and obscure past. 190th Street to 112th 10AM – 12PM: NEWCOMERS AND OLD TIMERS: FORT GEORGE, WASHINGTON HEIGHTS AND HARLEM Meeting Place: Broadway, between 190th and 189th St., next to Gorman Park Acclaimed artist, Matthew Jensen, will heighten awareness of this area’s topography and geology, addressing features of the urban landscape often unnoticed.  As we walk progresses past the prolific Columbia University, environmental scientist Sabine Marx will speak about the work of the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions. 112th Street to 59th Street 12PM – 2PM: CENTRAL PARK TO COLUMBUS CIRCLE Meeting Place: The intersection of Broadway and 112th St., in front of Tom’s Restaurant As we walk down from 112th St., Angelica Pasqualini of Columbia University’s Center for Climate Systems research, will speak about the principle climate research underway in NYC and the myriad green innovations in the built environment that line Broadway. 59th Street to 23rd Street 2PM – 4PM: MIDTOWN THROUGH THE SQUARES Meeting Place: Columbus Circle at the Southwest Entrance to Central Park in front of the USS Maine Monument Vin Cipolla, president of the Municipal Art Society (MAS), will guide us from Columbus Circle to Times Square-historic junctions along Broadway where MAS has played a critical role boosting the corridor’s assets. The Times Square Alliance will also be on hand to speak more specifically about Times Square’s cultural relevance and the plans in place to improve the area. Broadway Green Alliance will address its own initiatives regarding greening of the theater district. 23rd Street to Canal 4PM – 6PM: THE DOWNTOWN AREA Meeting Place: The intersection of Broadway and 23rd, on the Southwest corner of Madison Square Park. Max Joel, the Director of Energy Connections at alternative energy organization, Solar One, will address their bold environmental initiatives, followed by naturalist and educator, Gabriel Willow, who will turn our attention to the natural habitat of the neighborhood beginning with Madison Square Park. Canal Street – to Bowling Green 6 PM – 8 PM: ORIGINS OF THE CITY Meeting Place: The intersection of Broadway and Lispenard, one block South of Canal Community activist and Professor of Planning, Michael Levine, will reveal the rapidly changing demographic and environmental trends of Lower Manhattan, while chair of the CB1 Financial District Committee, Ro Shaffe, will share his deep knowledge of the area’s history that has given way to its current conditions. Wellington Chen, Director of the Chinatown Partnership, will speak about the prolific history of Chinatown area and discuss the current social and environmental challenges of this focal community. Annaline Dinkelmann, founder of Wall Street Walks, will share her knowledge about the history of the Financial District, dating all the way back to Manhattan’s Dutch settlers.