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Watch List Highlights, Friday, March 11, 2011

Bike LaneChanging Streets Bike lanes have been a hot button issue in New York for some time now, and this week was no exception. The New York Times profiled City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, a key figure who has significantly changed the city’s streetscapes. Then, on Monday, a lawsuit against the city regarding the Prospect Park West bike lane was filed. The groups behind the lawsuit claim the DOT released false statistics that supported the existence of the bike lane. NYU Expansion: Plans for Washington Square Village and Silver Towers NYU revealed its proposed plan for the superblock housing Washington Square Village yesterday. As part of the NYU 2031 expansion plan, the university proposes adding two academic buildings to the site. The buildings will be connected by an underground facility, which will be covered with public green space. NYU also has new designs for the Silver Towers site after the school abandoned its plans to add a tower to the landmark complex. The proposals include adding greenery, restoring historic streets features, and creating both a dog run and a toddler playground. The university presented its plan at a Community Board 2 meeting this week. Residents opposed the plan, citing that “they like things just the way they are.” Coney Island: The Coney Island 8 To Stay Put for One More Summer Seven of the Coney Island 8 businesses will return to the boardwalk this summer for the last time. (The eighth business, Shoot the Freak, had already been demolished.) The Coney Island 8 originally faced eviction late last year, but under a new agreement signed on Monday, the businesses will be open for the summer season starting on April 17th. In related Coney Island news, earlier this month, the Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the Coney Island USA Building as a landmark. The building was originally part of the Childs Restaurant chain. MAS testified in support of the designation last year.
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