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Watch List Highlights, Friday, March 18, 2011

Watch List Highlights - Rowing in New York Waterfront: New York’s Sixth Borough The Bloomberg Administration has released the Vision 2020: New York City’s Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, which seeks to create and enhance waterfront access, improve sewage systems and water treatment facilities, and add more natural waterfront features. The proposed East River ferry service for the summer is integrated as well. Vision 2020 also includes the “blue network” which will connect the city’s waterways for small boaters and swimmers. Changing Streets: The New Plan for 34th Street Earlier this week, the revised 34th Street traffic plan was presented at a public hearing. Four traffic lanes will replace the originally-proposed pedestrian plaza: two center lanes for traffic, one heading west and the other east, with two clearly-marked bus lanes on either side. A fifth lane will be dedicated to commercial loading and unloading, bus stops, right-turn paths, and sidewalk extensions. Changing Streets: The Success of the Fulton Street Mall After New York City announced its revised plans for 34th Street, Streetsblog took a look at a project in downtown Brooklyn similar to the shelved 34th Street Transitway Plan: the Fulton Street Mall. The outdoors transit mall banned cars in an eight-block area and prioritized bus and pedestrian traffic to improve safety. To please local business owners, delivery roads and drop-off times were set so the commercial traffic wouldn’t hinder the daytime bustle. The Fulton Street Mall is still considered successful today—rents for the district’s retail locations are among the highest outside Manhattan. Garment District: Nanette Lepore Supports NYC Manufacturing The fashion designer spoke to PBS’s Nightly Business Report about the importance and ease of manufacturing in the Garment District. Almost all of Lepore’s garments are made in New York City, She reported that she has found limited cost differences between manufacturing in Manhattan and abroad, particularly when she considers turn-around time. She also said she believes the Garment District is contributes to the special character of New York. “When you manufacture, you create innovation,” Lepore said. “And without manufacturing, the innovation doesn’t happen.”
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