June 2017
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What Do New Yorkers Really Think About Penn Station?

Last updated: Tuesday, December 22 As part of MAS’s continuing advocacy around the urgent need for a new Penn Station, we took our cameras into the eye of storm and asked real Penn Station commuters what they think about our city’s decrepit, overcrowded transit hub. Over the next two weeks, MAS will share a new video every day in which riders delve into the myriad ways the current Penn Station lets us down. To kick off the series we have a supercut video that gives you a taste of what 600,000 riders experience every day inside the rabbit warren of Penn Station. New York needs a new Penn Station »» See how you can help »»
What Do New Yorkers Think of Penn Station? (New Videos Added Daily!)
P2023_0_WhatDoNewYorkersThink_150w   What Do New Yorkers Think of Penn Station? Supercut: We asked real Penn Station commuters what they think about our city’s decrepit, overcrowded transit hub. Watch »»
P2023_1_IsPennStationConfusing_150w   Is Penn Station Confusing? “People seem to get lost… a whole lot.” Watch »»
P2023_2_DoesPennStationReflectNYC_150w   Does Penn Station Reflect NYC? “No… but it should” Watch »»
P2023_3_IsPennStationSafe_150w   Is Penn Station Safe? “In the event of an emergency, I think that they’d have a tough time moving everybody out.” Watch »»
P2023_4_HowIsYourCommute_150w   How is Your Commute? “Often we don’t know what’s going on, or what condition things might be in.” Watch »»
P2023_5_IsPennUgly_150w   Is Penn Station Ugly? “It looks like an unfinished basement.” Watch »»
P2023_6_GCTorPenn_150w   Grand Central or Penn Station? “There’s no comparison.” Watch »»
P2023_7_WouldYouTakeADate_150w   Would You Take a Date to Penn Station? “I would feel insulted… why Penn Station?” Watch »»
P2023_8_CanYouGetLost_150w   Can You Get Lost in Penn Station? “The signs aren’t okay here – I keep getting lost” Watch »»
P2023_9_IsPennStationDangerous_150w   Is Penn Station Dangerous? “There are so many people – it has to be way over capacity” Watch »»
P2023_10_IsPennStationConvenient_150w   Is Penn Station Convenient? “There’s something wrong with this building that it takes me fifteen minutes to get to the street” Watch »»
P2023_11_WouldYouEat_150w   Would You Eat in Penn Station? “If I eat in Penn Station, it means that I’m stuck for life” Watch »»
P2023_12_NYDeservesANewPennStation_150w   New York Deserves a New Penn Station “I know people on Long Island who hate coming into the city, just because of Penn Station” Watch »»