November 2017
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The New, Spectacular World Trade Center Transportation Hub Opens


Today as we prepare to host our annual design awards, MAS celebrates the opening of the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub, a structure as beautiful as it is ambitious. Please join us in applauding the opening of a true “people’s cathedral” for Lower Manhattan.

“But the real point is that in a city that has built few noble public works in the last half century—a city that in our time has rarely even aspired to grandeur in public space, let alone achieved it—this project stands as a reminder that we have not given up entirely.” Paul Goldberger, Vanity Fair

“You are building with bricks and marble, but ultimately you are building something far greater and the investment in the human spirit and potential is priceless,” Gina Pollara, president of the Municipal Art Society of New York. “We have to take the long view.” Andrew Tangel and Keiko Morris, Wall Street Journal

“I wanted to celebrate New York City, and those people who work so hard in it every single day. I built it to such a scale for those daily commuters. Maybe they live in very modest apartments, or work in a small cubicle. I want for them to suddenly arrive to the station by train and, twice a day, for ten minutes or so, stand before an immaculately fashioned station that was built just for them. I want for them to enjoy it, to feel important and part of something bigger, more grand.” Architect Santiago Calatrava Nick Mafi, Architectural Digest

And with a soaring bird like structure, it’s a totally different feel than Grand Central. It’s airy and luminous, white and peaceful, with a lengthy retractable skylight. It’s a way to honor those who died in the September 11th attacks. It’s not just a place to pass through, but a place that’s meant to inspire. “I think it’s a really beautiful building. I mean, the train station is like the nicest one, a lot nicer than going to Penn Station, so I prefer taking the PATH to here,” another commuter said. Lauren Glassberg, ABC New York