November 2017
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Your Voice for a Livable, Resilient New York

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The Municipal Art Society is a vocal and tireless advocate — your advocate — for a more livable, resilient New York.  For 120 years, we have responded swiftly to the challenges facing our great city and seized countless opportunities to enhance the vitality of New York.  With two campaigns in just the last 10 months — the rapid response to Superstorm Sandy and the campaign for a new Penn Station — MAS sprang quickly into action to ensure the continued success and safety of our city and confronted serious threats to the livability and resilience of New York.

In October 2012, when Superstorm Sandy devastated communities across New York City and the region, MAS took immediate, decisive steps to ensure that local residents — those who know their neighborhoods best — were actively involved in the planning discussions with officials leading the recovery and rebuilding process.  MAS is the only organization with city, state and federal relationships and the local, neighborhood connections to lead these conversations, and our efforts drew the participation of hundreds of local partners and thousands of community members.  MAS has established itself as the lead champion of all New Yorkers, whose knowledge and priorities are now driving the rebuilding of neighborhoods across the city.

And in December, when Madison Square Garden sought a permit to operate in perpetuity on its current site above the busiest train station in North America, MAS launched a campaign to limit the permit to 10 years and begin a planning process to build the 21st century Penn Station New York deserves.  Through a broad-based communications and advocacy effort, the partnership of an alliance of influential New Yorkers, compelling research, and the visionary work of four of the world’s most innovative architecture firms, MAS successfully limited MSG’s permit to 10 years, laying the important groundwork for the realization of a new Penn Station.

We can all be proud of these accomplishments and what they mean for the future of New York City.  And MAS is proud to have the support of civic advocates like you who help sustain this important work.  I hope you will join me and make a contribution to the MAS Livable City Fund today to ensure MAS remains influential in these and future campaigns for a more livable, resilient New York.

Your generous financial support will help MAS continue to serve as the vigilant champion of a vibrant New York, responding effectively to the immediate and pressing issues of our ever-changing city.  I hope we can count on your support, and I look forward to representing your voice in MAS’s next campaign.  Together, we can build a more livable and resilient New York.