Public Assets: Environment

Initiative: Public Assets

This section provides descriptions of the various data available in the MAS online tool covering a wide range of environmental factors, including FEMA’s 100-year floodplain, the projected 2050 floodplain, State-regulated wetlands, remediation sites, and the coastal zone boundary.

City-owned and leased properties are at a high risk for flood events now and in the future. Sixty-four percent or 26,786 acres, are either completely or partially located within the 100-year floodplain. Sixty-six percent of the surface area will face high risk of coastal flooding hazards by 2050. Seventy-five percent are within the City and State-regulated coastal zone.

City-owned and leased properties protect wildlife. Approximately five percent are either designated tidal wetlands or partially within a tidal wetland.

City-owned and leased properties are toxic and cause pollution. Two-hundred and forty-seven are fully or partially designated as New York State environmental remediation sites, 87 of which are enrolled in a State Superfund or Brownfield Cleanup program. Sixty percent are located within combined sewer areas.


2050 NPCC Floodplain

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