A New Perspective on the Port Authority Bus Terminal

Yes, Port Authority

With Patrick Waldo

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is consistently voted one of New York’s “ugliest buildings.” John Oliver described it as the “single worst place on Earth.” And it got the Buzzfeed treatment with “17 Reasons Why Port Authority is Literally Hell on Earth.” But these exaggerations, in addition to dismissing the gritty charm that makes Port Authority one of New York’s most unique spaces, describe the weekday Port Authority. By weekend, the crowds that make it the largest bus station in the nation and the busiest bus station in the world, dwindle. A different Port Authority emerges. And for the intrepid explorer, the terminal has many surprises waiting to be discovered, including a sculptural installation by one of the most celebrated pop art sculptors, a gigantic whale mural that is simultaneously two blocks long and nearly hidden, and one of New York’s most daring and experimental light installations. Join preservationist and tour guide Patrick Waldo on one of the few days of the week when Midtown’s most under-appreciated and misunderstood landmark can be seen for the quirky gem it really is. Come with an open mind and dressed for the weather, as parts of the tour will be just outside the terminal.

Saturday, March 2
2:00 PM — 4:00 PM

Member: $20
Non-member: $30

outside of Port Authority Bus Terminal
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Jim Henderson.