Our campaigns to promote a more livable New York City.

Through its advocacy, MAS protects New York’s legacy spaces, encourages thoughtful planning and urban design, and fosters complete neighborhoods across the five boroughs.

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Promoting diverse neighborhoods, reliable infrastructure, affordable housing, and inviting open space through comprehensive, community-based urban planning.

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Reforming the regulatory, legislative, and financial mechanisms that shape the city through sound policy.

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Protecting historic and cultural landmarks, neighborhood character, legacy businesses, and public art through values-based preservation.

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Current Initiatives

Map of 421-a across New York City

A failed experiment in incentivizing affordable housing

View from Central Park of Proposed Development in Manhattan

A blueprint for a more intentional city

Adopt a Mural / Monument

Conserving public art through private funds

Advocates for Privately Owned Public Space

Protecting New York’s 80-acre network of public plazas and arcades

Livable Neighborhoods Program Participants

Helping New Yorkers become stronger advocates for their neighborhoods

Garment District in New York City

Protecting the fabric of New York