Contemporary Street Art

An Outdoor Gallery

With Sylvia Laudien-Meo

The city streets have always been an important canvas for street artists, but especially since the 1960s the trend has been taking off, and we can find increasingly more very well trained, sophisiticated artists at work. Neighborhoods like Bushwick and Welling Court invited street artists to initiate change and at the same time created amazing out door galleries, while other hot spots like Five Pointz disappeared and other more isolated gems are harder to find. On our virtual tour we will have a closer look at some of the masters! Registration is now closed.

Sunday, August 16
11:00 AM — 12:30 PM

Virtual Tour

Member: $10
Non-member: $20

mural depicting medical workers outside a restaurant
La Esquina de Nagua in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. Photo: Ted Mineau. Modifications: photo cropped.