Ferry to Freedom: The Abolitionists of Washington Heights

Janes Walk

Led By Matthew Spady AND Joe Amodio, Upper Riverside Residents Association

The Underground Railroad (UGRR) comes to life in this virtual walk, revealing the people, places, and history of a little-known colony of abolitionists who helped develop Washington Heights. We’ll “walk” from the Hudson (site of a sugar refinery and ferry run by a documented agent of the UGRR) to uptown’s only abolitionist church to the home at 857 Riverside, the last remnant of this colony still standing—and threatened today with demolition.

Monday, May 3
1:00 PM
1-2 hours
On Zoom

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: Advocacy, History & Culture
Language: English
Dennis Harris, New Congress Steam Sugar Refinery, Thomas Bonar.