George McAneny and the Dual Contracts

The Subway, the Regional Plan and the Making of Greater New York

With Lucie Levine

On March 19, 1913, Manhattan Borough President George McAneny signed “The Dual Contracts” a landmark deal that doubled the size of the city’s subway network, tripled its capacity, and changed New York forever. The Dual Contracts linked the city together, made possible the development of the outer boroughs, and was the basis of McAneny’s vision for Greater New York, a rationally planned world city that would prize light, air, human scale and healthy density over profit. Throughout his exceptional civic career, McAneny (who became president of MAS in 1927) shaped New York City more profoundly than any other individual of his generation. He was known as “the father of zoning in this country,” and hailed as “a friend beyond compare” to the city of New York. In honor of his 150th Birthday, MAS invites you to explore George McAneny’s New York, and see how this planner, preservationist and civic pioneer left an enduring mark on the city we live in.

Sunday, March 15
11:00 AM — 1:00 PM

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George McAneny writing at desk
George McAneny. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, The World's Work. Modifications: photo cropped.