Greenwich Village Historic District 50th Anniversary

Janes Walk

Led By John Massengale, CNU NYC, Chair, CNU NYC

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Greenwich Village Historic District. Jane Jacobs played an important role in its creation, which could reasonably be called “The Death and Life Historic District.” Join us on the unofficial 50th anniversary walk.

Saturday, May 4
1:00 PM
1-2 hours
In Person

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: Art & Architecture, Environment, History & Culture
Accessibility: Family-friendly, Wheelchair-friendly, Pet-friendly
Greek Revival rowhouses around Washington Square
Greek Revival rowhouses around Washington Square. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Paul Hermans. Modifications: photo cropped and made black and white.
Meeting Location

555 Hudson Street, NY NY 10014


14th Street A C E L, 14th Street 1 2 3, Christopher Street 1, Christopher Street PATH

Finding your walk leader

Standing in front of Jane Jacob's house at 555 Hudson Street.

Ending Location

White Horse Tavern, 567 Hudson Street, NY NY 10014

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