Hip-Hop Nightclubs in the 1980s: Fresh, Wild, Fly n Bold

Janes Walk

Led By Sunny Hendre

Hip-hop in the late 80s in NYC was, much like the city, wild and unpredictable. New School Hip Hop was born in 1986 with the coming of Rakim, and rap’s 1st “old school” was demarcated. Crack-cocaine hit the city. Brooklyn came out of the shadows. The showcase for all of this was the nightclubs of the late 80s. Join us as we explore clubs like the Latin Quarter, Red Parrot, and later clubs like the Tunnel. We’ll take a ride through Rap in its teenage years.

Saturday, May 4
11:00 AM
1-2 hours
In Person

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: Art & Architecture, History & Culture
Accessibility: Family-friendly
leader holds sign on Jane's Walk in Times Square
Meeting Location

42nd and Broadway, Times Square


1,2,3, 7, N, Q, R, A, C, E, Shuttle

Finding your walk leader

Walk leader will be holding up a sign

Ending Location

50s and 12th ave

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