Historic Signs of New York

From the Collection of Walter Grutchfield

With Bob Singleton

The tourist sees the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center on a postcard and thinks they know Gotham. But you ask a native New Yorker and they will tell you that the real Gotham is found at their favorite corner, sidewalk, storefront, or weathered lettering from a business long gone — things, which gives our city its special feel, texture and meaning — that which distinguishes native from tourist. People such as Walter Grutchfield are part of a small fraternity of urban explorers who documented the New York that New Yorkers know and love. Registration is now closed.

Saturday, September 12
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sign for Jarmulowsky Bank carved into stone facade of building
The Jarmulowsky Bank Building on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Photo: Walter Grutchfield. Modifications: photo cropped.