The Huntingtons: Arabella, Collis, Henry & Archer – A Love Story

With Ginny Poleman

[Virtual tour] Arabella, a young woman from Richmond VA, arrived in Manhattan with a husband and baby. But the husband was a ruse, and the baby was suspected to be fathered by the much older, married, and very wealthy railroad magnate, Collis Huntington. Despite the scandal, Arabella stirs up a storm in Gilded Age New York, buying and flipping properties (one she sells to John D. Rockefeller), until she properly marries Collis. Her son, Archer, becomes an aesthete of Spanish art and opens the Hispanic Society of America with a large and impressive collection of Spanish art. When Collis dies, Arabella and Collis’s nephew Henry each receive a large inheritance. Arabella becomes one of the richest women in America and marries Henry! Henry, also a collector, builds the magnificent Huntington Library & Gardens in San Marino, CA where both Henry and Arabella are buried today. This virtual program will follow the story of Arabella and the Huntingtons around New York, including her second home, now the Preston High School, ending at her influence on the Huntington Library in California.

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Tuesday, February 13
6:00 PM

Virtual Tour

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The house of Collis P. Huntington at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan. Photo: New York Public Library.