Hypothetical Book Tour

Janes Walk

Led By Rachel Allen, Hypothetical Books

New York City has historically been the center of the US publishing industry; it has also been the center of a broader book culture including book-selling, -making, and archiving. What, in 2022, does book-making, book-buying, book-selling, and book-keeping look like? What, for the residents of this city, is a book? We will visit–and talk to–community archivists, printers, rare booksellers, book artists, and special collections. This will be a virtual activity.

This activity will be virtual and self-paced. I will provide information in different modalities wherever possible, to accommodate different accessibility needs.

On Demand
Greater than 1 hour

Borough: Multi-borough
Theme: Art & Architecture, History & Culture
Platform: On Your Browser
Language: English
The Strand Bookstore in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ajay Suresh. Modifications: photo cropped.