Inside the Plaza

Behind the Scenes at New York's Famous Hotel

With Francis Morrone

Architectural historian Francis Morrone has been the Plaza’s official tour guide since 2008. In this exclusive, enhanced-price tour with Francis, we will look at the Plaza both outside and in. Inside, we will look at the Plaza’s designated landmark interiors, which may include the Oak Room, the Ballroom, the Terrace Room, the Palm Court, and other rooms. Morrone will discuss the architecture (by Henry J. Hardenbergh and, just as importantly, Warren & Wetmore) and interior decoration (including spaces by Alavoine & Co.), as well as the lives of the Plaza’s two most famous residents, Eloise and Frank Lloyd Wright. Caveat emptor: Please note that as of this posting all the spaces your guide wants to show you will be available. If there is a last-minute booking of one of the rooms, we are simply out of luck as far as that room goes.

Sunday, January 27
2:00 PM — 4:00 PM

Member: $40
Non-member: $50

entrance to the Plaza Hotel
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Jorge Royan.