Inspired Madness: Nikola Tesla in New York

With Deborah Zelcer

Nikola Tesla brought us the induction motor, current wars, power distribution, a deluge of patents, and a fantastic deserted monument (designed by the eminent architect Stanford White), meant to generate wireless power, graphic images, sounds, data and maybe even a focused Death Ray! Backed and then deserted by the robber barons of the last century, Tesla’s musings, inventions, and rantings predicted and gave form to our modern technological era. Follow in the footsteps of this eccentric and colorful resident who left a “charged” impression on our fair city.

All tours are Eastern Time and run about 60 to 90 minutes.

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Saturday, January 9
11:00 AM

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Non-member: $25

Nikola Tesla in his laboratory.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Wellcome Images.