It Happened Here First: Herald Square to Madison Square

Janes Walk

Led By Laurie Lewis

New York has been home to hundreds of first-of-their-kind accomplishments. Discover the setting of some of them, including the first baseball games, the idea for the credit card, and the original crazy gathering known as a flash mob. Learn fun facts along the way, such the reason Macy’s has a red star logo and the nickname of the Empire State Building in its early days. This Jane’s Walk appears on a website and includes walking directions so you can enjoy it either on the streets of Manhattan or as an armchair traveler.

The type on the website is large. The site includes pictures of what is at the scene to help people who do not read English well. People who want a self-guided experience can view the walk on their phone and follow walking directions included on the site. The route is flat and should not be crowded on the weekend.

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Borough: Manhattan
Theme: History & Culture
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Language: English
Empire State Building. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Daniel Schwen.