Jane’s Squawk: An Exploration of the Avian World of Queens

Janes Walk

Led By Stephen Albonesi AND Ranna Zaman

Have you ever wondered who’s chirping in the trees in the morning? Who’s perched on that telephone wire? Who’s fluttering across the sunlit sky? This virtual walk will dive into the avian world of Queens through the lens of two Queensites who were fascinated to learn more about the birds in our midst. Using crowdsourced data, we look at the hundreds of birds that New Yorkers are seeing in places like the Rockaways, Forest Park, and your neighborhood street, from long-legged shorebirds to colorful warblers to elegant swallows. We then put our novice birding skills to the test and see what we can find when we venture out ourselves. Join us as we embark on a multimedia, on-demand tour of the birds you can spot this spring across Queens. All you need is an internet connection and a sense of curiosity!


The walk will require a computer with a strong internet connection and the ability to view online content.


On Demand
Less than 30 minutes

Borough: Queens
Theme: Environment
Platform: On Your Browser
Language: English
Bird-watching at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, 1973. Photo: National Archives.