Johannes Gutenberg – a Mainz-NYC Connection

With Sylvia Laudien-Meo

[Virtual tour] MAS tour guide Sylvia Laudien-Meo’s German hometown, Mainz, is celebrated as the birthplace of Gutenberg, the inventor of movable letters and the modern printing press. He catapulted Europe into the Modern age, and paved the way for democracy, enlightenment, and education. Several New York museums hold his famous Bibles, and he is celebrated in a WPA mural and a stained glass window, but there are several other connections between his story, Mainz, and New York. During this virtual tour we will discuss his invention and career in detail, including the political and financial circumstances and other interesting projects he was involved in, we will explore Mainz, past and present (including the Rhine River, local wine, markets and festivals) and we will also look at his many connections to New York City.

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Friday, January 21
11:00 AM

Virtual Tour

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Johannes Gutenberg depicted in a painting by Corneille (schilder) Seghers. Photo: Museum Plantin-Moretus. Modifications: photo cropped.