Long Island City: The Cradle of Creativity

With Bob Singleton

[Virtual tour] “Historic Tales of Long Island City,” the latest publication of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, delivers a rich narrative of the famous and obscure: Captain Kidd, the pirate; Steven Halsey, the dreamer; ‘Battle-Axe’ Gleason, the Mayor; and even Roxy, the dog. You are also no doubt already familiar with William Steinway, Isamu Noguchi, Chester Carlson, ‘Whitey’ Ford and Ethel Merman. But there is a lot more! This virtual tour with Bob Singleton features images from the book as we travel through time in Long Island City in Queens.

Sunday, July 17
11:00 AM

Virtual Tour

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Non-member: $25

Long Island City waterfront, Queens. Photo: Shunsuke Takino.