Lost Brooklyn: A Look at Vanished Architectural Treasures

With Suzanne Spellen & Morgan Munsey

Have you ever come upon a photograph of a fantastic looking building no longer standing and wondered what happened to it? Especially if the replacement is banal or unremarkable? It seems our streetscapes would be even more interesting if many of these treasures were still with us. Tour guides Suzanne Spellen and Morgan Munsey have collected a series of long-gone Brooklyn buildings to share on this tour. Homes, theaters, houses of worship, commercial and civic buildings have all fallen to the wrecking ball over the last few centuries in this ever-changing city. Join us as we look at some of the most interesting, including many that most people are not aware of. Lost Brooklyn awaits.

All tours are Eastern Time and last approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Saturday, April 24
11:00 AM

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Member: $15
Non-member: $25

An illustration of the Oriental Hotel.