Lost Neighborhoods of New York

With Zack Rhodes

New York, like most cities, is continuously building outwards and upwards, changing its landscape and design. This tour will peel away the layers to showcase some of the Big Apple’s lost neighborhoods. We will learn their histories, their iterations, and how to spot relics from their past lives. We’ll also cover neighborhood names, including why there are multiple areas honoring swine, and an area named for a famous organized crime figure. The tour will answer questions such as: Why is there such a large presence of Middle Easterners on Atlantic Avenue? What created a triangle shaped island in the middle of 72nd and Broadway? And where was the fire escape where Tony and Maria sang “Tonight”?

All tours are in Eastern Time and last 60 to 90 minutes.

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Saturday, June 5
11:00 AM

Virtual Tour

Member: $15
Non-member: $25

Central Park's Seneca Village being demolished.