Mercantile Heaven: Brooklyn’s Downtown Shopping District

With Suzanne Spellen

[Virtual tour] There was once a time when a Brooklynite need go no further than Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn to find anything and everything one needed. Large department stores such as Abraham & Straus and Frederick Loeser’s dominated the street, but there was also a huge section of specialty shops and smaller department stores to choose from. Downtown Brooklyn also boasted theaters and restaurants, making a trip there an all-day consumer experience. This virtual tour with Suzanne Spellen looks at the history and evolution of these great emporiums, and the people who created them, including some amazing women. We’ll meet mercantile geniuses, examine great architecture, and see how an ever-changing Brooklyn has affected those establishments.

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Thursday, January 27
6:00 PM

Virtual Tour

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Macy's in Downtown Brooklyn. Photo: Suzanne Spellen. Modifications: photo cropped.