New York’s Islands

With Zack Rhodes

If laid out in one line, Manhattan’s coastline would stretch from Boston to DC, which is why its surprising that only a handful of NYC’s islands are known by name. On this tour, we’ll follow the 520 miles of city coast and learn about many of NYC’s 42 islands. This tour will introduce you to some new stories, like the crown jewel of the Dutch East India Company, and you’ll also learn the details behind some familiar tales, like that of Typhoid Mary and the history behind the Hart’s Island potters’ field.

All tours are Eastern Time and run about 60 to 90 minutes.

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Sunday, January 17
11:00 AM

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Non-member: $25

aerial of City Island and Hart Islands
City Island and Hart Island, off Orchard Beach, Pelham Bay and Pelham Bay Park, in the Bronx. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Doc Searls.