New York’s Meatpacking District: History and Memoir

Janes Walk

Led By Jacquelyn Ottman

Not able to attend Jacquie Ottman’s live walking tour of the Meatpacking District? No worries. This is the next best thing — and contains additional information, too. Curl up with a cup of tea and listen to Jacquelyn Ottman, a fifth-generation member of one of New York City’s pioneering families of butchers, as she enthusiastically shares a history of New York’s Meatpacking District and a personal memoir of her family’s meat purveying business. Ottman & Co supplied some of NYC’s best restaurants and hotels from 1918 – 1986, and along the way, pioneered innovations in technology still used today in restaurant and home kitchens. Contains rare photos dating from 1875 never before shared outside her family. Thanks to the National Arts Club for recording this video of Jacquie in June 2021, so we can share it as part of Jane’s Walk.

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Ottman and Company on Little West 12th Street. Photo: provided by Jacquelyn Ottman.