Nikola Tesla in New York

With Deborah Zelcer

[In-person tour] Prowl the local haunts of the mad genius Nikola Tesla on this midtown tour with Deborah Zelcer. Tesla brought us the induction motor, current wars, power distribution, a deluge of patents, and a fantastic deserted monument (designed by the eminent architect Stanford White), meant to generate wireless power, graphic images, sounds, data and maybe even a focused Death Ray! Backed and then deserted by the robber barons of the last century, Tesla’s musings, inventions, and rantings predicted and gave form to our modern technological era. Follow the footsteps of this eccentric and colorful resident who left a “charged” impression on our fair city.

In-person tours are limited to 20 attendees and are held outdoors.  Walking tours bring individuals into close proximity with each other, we therefore ask that all tour goers wear masks during the tours, regardless of vaccination status.  Your tour guide and your fellow tour participants will thank you for your cooperation.  Should the tours happen to venture indoors, many places require masks and/or proof of vaccination, so please be prepared to have both with you.

MAS Walking Tours last approximately 2 hours. Meeting location is provided with registration.

Saturday, January 8
11:00 AM

In-person tour (meeting location delivered in registration confirmation email)

Member: $20
Non-member: $30

Nikola Tesla sitting in his Colorado Springs laboratory next to his huge "magnifying transmitter" Tesla coil which is producing 22 foot bolts of electricity, circa 1899. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Wellcome Collection. Photographer: Dickenson V. Alley. Modifications: photo cropped.