Nomad Indigenous Resilience Thinking Social-ecological Practice NYC-Medellin

Janes Walk

Led By Rafael De Balanzo Joue AND Alix Camacho, Social Practice CUNY Fellow, Pratt Institute and EINA, Barcelona

The Nomad Resilience Thinking Social-ecological Practice Walk is a Social Practice CUNY project that is developed by three artist collectives, the Urban Resilience Thinking Initiatives (Rafael de Balanzo Joue) from New York, Espacio para Habitar (Alix Camacho) from Medellin, Colombia and SiteSize (Elvira Pujol and Joan Vila-Puig) from Barcelona, Catalonia focusing on their local watershed territories with the support and collaboration of academic institutions such as EINA, Barcelona School of Art & Design, SPCUNY, Medellin Comfama School of Art, and Pratt Institute. Using multimedia tools, the three territorial Artist collectives will be walking and discussing how local vulnerable and displaced communities are linked and affected by their ecological systems, specifically to their territorial freshwater creeks, basins, or sheds.


Sunday, May 7, 2023
11:00 AM
Greater than 1 hour

Borough: Brooklyn
Theme: Environment, History & Culture
Platform: On Zoom
Language: Spanish
English Translator Available: No
The libraries at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ginamshelton. Modifications: photo cropped.