Reflecting Absence

A Morning at the 9/11 Memorial

With Judith Pucci

Before the crowds and heat arrive, explore the massive memorial pools honoring the nearly 3,000 who died, with Judith Pucci, MAS guide and moderator of a weekly public program presented by the 9/11 Tribute Museum. This is a deep dive into the design concepts of the memorial and what it was like to be at the trade center that morning, along with insights into construction of the office towers, transit hub (The Oculus), and performing arts center of the new WTC. Learn, for example, how the memorial’s design “makes tangible the experience of loss.” Why the names on the memorial pools are not alphabetically arranged. And why a protective fence surrounds only one of the 400+ trees. This tour is based on conversations with the memorial’s designer, first responders, survivors, family members, Lower Manhattan residents, news coverage, and the 9/11 Commission Report. The tour is not about politics. But it is as much a story of resilience and rebirth as it is of loss.

Friday, September 7
10:00 AM — 12:00 PM

Member: $20
Non-member: $30