Refuge and Restraint in Morningside Heights: History Walk

Janes Walk

Led By Dan McSweeney AND Doug Lavin, Planning Committee, West 111th Street Block Association

Several groups partnered to conduct our 2022 History Walk on March 26: W. 111th St. Block Association, Morningside Heights Community Coalition, Morningside Heights Historic District Committee, Morningside Area Alliance, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Morningside Merchants, Julia Gabriel People’s Garden, Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group, and NYC Open Streets: Amsterdam Avenue.

After the walk an open-air reception was held, supported by five local businesses.

This year’s walk was titled “Refuge and Restraint.” Through role players, period music, and historical photos, the walk offered insights on real or historically contextualized fictional events which occurred locally in 1811, 1917, 1970, and 1878. These highlighted how our community has been a refuge for diverse residents and how they have resisted various influences.

Accessible, as this will be an online video.

On Demand
Less than 30 minutes

Borough: Manhattan
Theme: History & Culture
Platform: On Social Media
Language: English
A photo of Morningside Heights from Columbia University's Pupin Hall. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Antigng. Modifications: photo cropped.